Below is a list of a few suitable target applications for our SILOCYM products due to their controlled size, high degree of monodispersity, and customizable functionality.

DNA Sequencing Microarrays

Monodisperse silica beads are a major component of particle-based oligonucleotide arrays. These arrays used in DNA sequencing, consist of microwells etched onto substrates such as silicon wafers. By using silica nanoparticles with a controlled diameter, each well is filled with an individual particle that is then functionalized with a specific oligonucleotide, allowing for accurate sequencing.

CMP Slurries

SILOCYM™ silica is used in ultra-high purity (UHP) slurries for chemical mechanical (CMP) polishing. These slurries are used to finish and planarize silicon wafers, optical substrates, and other microelectronic surfaces. Spherical, high purity silica with a defined size distribution enables a controlled removal rate.

Photonic Crystals

Monodisperse silica is used in the creation of photonic crystals, which makes use of the formation of highly ordered domains formed by the beads. These crystals have a wide range of applications such as high-performance LEDs, optical filters, and synthetic opal. 

Microporous & Hollow Fiber Membranes

SILOCYM™ is used as a structural template in the manufacturing of microporous, semi-permeable membranes with high throughput. These membranes can be used for a variety of water and gas filtration applications. Monodisperse silica is dispersed in a resin and then leached via conventional acid-based treatment, resulting in a membrane surface with a defined pore size that provides the desired throughput.