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"NanoCym was excellent in explaining... and working with us on receiving a speedy delivery..."

“Delivery was good, there was a delay in the order due to more information needed, however NanoCym was excellent in explaining the delay and working with us on receiving a speedy delivery of product.” – AE, Jordi Labs. August 2017

"They responded my question quickly... delivery was also on time."

“NanoCym offers silica particles with very nice monodispersity over a wide size range. They responded my question quickly. It was easy to purchase their products from the website and the delivery was also on time.” – CP, ETH Zurich. March 2018

"exceptional quality... excellent purchase experience and knowledgeable customer service..."

“NanoCym products, specifically the 100 nm unfunctionalized silica nanoparticles, have possessed exceptional quality pursuant to stringent research standards at Arizona State University. As if the excellent purchase experience and knowledgeable customer service were not enough, the quality and consistency of the purchased products were verified with the XL30 ESEM-FEG at the Eyring Materials Center and it would suffice to say that NanoCym will receive regular business from our research facility in the future.” – TP, ASU. June 2018

"particle quality is great and service is also good..."

“I bought monodispersed silica nanoparticles several times. The particle quality is great and service is also good. More importantly, the price is reasonable.” – MX, Harvard University. March 2019

"nanoparticles are of high quality... service is top-notch..."

“I am a NSF Fellow and for my research with Silica Nanoparticles, I always have relied on NanoCym’s Products. Their synthesized nanoparticles are of high quality and their service is top-notch.” – MS, Florida International University. April 2019

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